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Siberian Crane

International Crane Foundation

The Siberian Crane is one of the three rarest crane species and is probably the most endangered crane species of the world. It breeds in North-Eastern and Western Russia and its wintering grounds are found in China, Northern India and at the Caspian Sea in Iran. The main reason for the decline of Siberian Crane numbers is – as with the Lesser Whitefronts – that their flocks are hunted during migration to the wintering grounds. Hunting pressure is especially high in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran.


Angelo d'Arrigo

The International Crane Foundation has started co-operation with the All Russian Research Institute for Nature Protection (ARRINP) and Angelo d'Arrigo, a renowned microlight aircraft pilot, to implement a re-introduction project for the Siberian Crane. It was tested in a feasibility study if it would be possible to show young Siberian Cranes born in captivity the traditional migratory route via Central Asia from Russia to Iran. In this project the microlight aircraft is used to imitate the natural flying habits of cranes. This initiative was inspired by a promising programme with Whooping Cranes and is supported by CMS (Bonn Convention).


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