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Lesser White-Fronts

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Autohaus Fleischer GmbH

The contract partner of BMW AG in Senftenberg supported Aktion Zwerggans in maintenance of a microlight engine, a BMW R1100 S with 100 hp.



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BayWa Baustoffe Vertrieb

The BayWa Baustoffe Vertrieb Cottbus / Gallinchen provides the activities with building materials.



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Czech Aircraft Works, S.R.O.

Czech Aircraft Works, S.R.O., manufacturer of microlight-floats, contributed a pair of floats for a good price.



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Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt DBU

The Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt via the BUND supported first genetic testing of Lesser White-Fronted Geese from breeding stocks ("New concept for the genetical selection of geese for re-introduction projects" AZ 23925, Duration 08/2005 until 09/2005). Under the title ' Micro-satellite and sequence analysis for the selection of genetically clean breeding stock for reintroduction of geese' (AZ 24921-33/2) the DBU also funded the additionally required testing with new methods.



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Frank Dietrich - video producer, Senftenberg

Video producer Frank Dietrich is a master of his art. He is supported by his wife Jutta. As a team they are unbeatable and have already won many international awards. Frank has documented the preliminary project of Aktion Zwerggans at Kleinkoschen in 2002, the resulting productions were honoured internationally with significant prizes (latest prize: "International Medallion" and "Best Documentary" at the "IAC BRITISH INTERNATIONAL FILM & VIDEO COMPETITION 2004"). His films were used in several TV productions.

Link to TV-show Quarks & Co on German Television WDR from 1st October 2002 (German)



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Fahrzeugbau Gebrüder Anschau GmbH

Trailers for our microlights are built and sponsored by Axel Anschau.



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Flugschule Heinz Storch (Flying school)

Heinz Storch hosted the preliminary project in 2002 for first training-weeks with the Lesser White-fronted Goose chicks and put a microlight aircraft as well as his grounds at the disposal of Aktion Zwerggans.



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Airsport Club Herrenberg

Herrenberger airsport club (Herrenberger Flugsportverein) is supporting the organisation and project work of Aktion Zwerggans e.V.



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In order to guide the Lesser White-fronts safely to their wintering grounds, pilots of Aktion Zwerggans have to know exactly where they are and where they are heading at all times. To facilitate orientation, they are using Satellite-Navigation-Systems produced by Garmin. The German agent of Garmin (GPS-GmbH) has lent these GPS devices to Aktion Zwerggans. The company is also advising our pilots with their know-how. About a long-term co-operation during the whole project still has to be negotiated.



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Hermann Gruber

Hermann Gruber Sport Exclusiv zu Luft, Land, Wasser. Hermann Gruber has assisted us with the choice and the acquisition of our rubber dinghy. Furthermore, he provides useful accessories and takes over the maintenance of the boat engine.



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Lausitzer und Mitteldeutsche Bergbau-Verwaltungsgesellschaft (Lausitz and Middle-German mining administration society) supported our project by authorizing the training of water flights on Kleinkoschener See (lake), which is under administration of LMBV. Furthermore they supported training by optimising measures on location.



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Operation Lesser Whitefronts was also supported by German Lufthansa: Georg Spieth, training captain on A300 and Kai-Uwe Strelow and Thomas Schneider from Lufthansa-Flighttraining were easily convinced by the project ideas. They prepared a seminar ‘Crew Resource Management’ which will help environmentalists to make planning and realisation of the project more secure by relying on professional flight experience.



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Marine Power Deutschland GmbH

Marine Power Deutschland GmbH provided a high-quality boat/engine combination for a very good price. The boat, a Quicksilver heavy duty model QS 380 SHD, equipped with a 25 HP Mercury two stroke engine, is needed for safety reasons during water flying and for transport purposes. The boat already worked very well during our test flights in Germany and Scandinavia 2004.



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Airsports Club Kleinkoschen

The Kleinkoschener airsport enthusiasts welcomed Aktion Zwerggans and its activists providing their club house, hangar and other properties. We became part of the Kleinkoschener airsport-family during our stays in 2002, 2003 and 2004. Without this support our preliminary project would not have been possible. We are already invited for the next water flight training.



To top - Worldwide Notification Systems

WNS placed one of their innovative localization systems at our disposal free of charge. For testing purposes it was mounted on our microlight for part time of the exploration of the ideal route and its landing sites in Scandinavia this year. This electronic device made it possible for us to monitor the routing and actual position of our aircrafts at any time via any computer with internet access. On the one hand, this created a substantial safety factor, on the other hand, we recognized the amazing possibilities to present our project in the media during future flights. The devices are now developed and configurated particularly for application in aircrafts. WNS Europe will support us in future flights as well, and will equip all our airplanes with this localization systems – again free of charge (see also: WISDOM® Web Client)



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